The Belgian Peloton de Paris is the first company in Europe to launch a cycling clothing line made of 100% recycled fabrics. According to manager Wendy Janssens, sporters are clearly environmentally aware, so that there is a growing demand for ecological sportswear. Big sports brands try to respond to this, but because it often turns out that recycled fabrics are not strong enough or insufficiently breathable, they keep it at a production with partially recycled fabrics. Peloton de Paris collects the fibres of old cycling clothing for its new line, spins them back into thread and adds recycled PET bottles in order to obtain a sufficiently strong fabric.

Peloton de Paris has named its new collection Recon, a reference to the “recon ride”, the training ride that is considered as an exploration of the course by professional cyclists. Peloton de Paris announced that the launch of the cycling clothing line will be the herald of an exploration to make the cycling world sustainable and ecological. Peloton de Paris was already leading the way by opening a coffee shop cum bike shop and bike repair shop in Mechelen, which is a real meeting place for cycling tourists. By now also taking the lead in ecologically designed cycling clothing, the company gives a nice illustration of what also stands for: “better for me” and “better for the world” go hand in hand.

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